SAFINA SLOVAKIA spol. s.r.o.
TurĨianska 52
821 09 Bratislava
+421 2 534 15 000
mobil: +421 907922776


We try to help in combating environmental problems and protecting the environment. Therefore, we recycle wastes with precious metals in them. Safina purchases and processes dental and jewellery wastes, used chemicals with precious metal content, old jewellery, coins and the wastes of electrochemical electronic industries and other wastes containing precious metals.
SAFINA - Overview of collected and processed waste

Electrical and electronic equipment waste

  • analogue telephone centrals and their components
  • computer technology (personal computers, processors)
  • partly and fully mounted circuit boards
  • gilded housings, mounted circuit boards, complete analogue telephone centrals
  • gilded legs of electronic components and connectors, unmounted discrete and integrated circuits
  • gilded relay sets
  • gilded carrier tapes and grids, unmounted gilded connectors, slots and measurement points
  • cross switches
  • remnants of precious metal vacuum steaming, unmounted ceramic condensers, supplemental relays, telephone microrelays
  • contacted but not housed elements, unomouted gilded connector legs
  • elements damaged during mounting
  • contactless switch elements, contact switch elements, circuit braking elements

Motor vehicle catalysts

  • motor vehicle catalysts with a ceramic inset (from cars, trucks, buses and forklift trucks)

Photographic materials

  • X-ray images
  • fixers
  • other waste from the photographic industry
    Industrial waste suitable for hydro-metallurgic processing
  • galvanic baths, obsoleted chemicals containing precious metals, effluent waste containing precious metals, catalysts based on precious metals from chemical plants.
  • baths containing precious metals, fixed catalytic grids
  • Fluid Pd (Pt) on active carbon
  • Pd (Pt) on Al2O3
  • special waste issuing from glass a ceramic gilding, skims, alloys containing precious metals
  • pastes, rejects
  • tinctures, rags and swabs from manufacturing plants (e.g. glass, porcelain or ceramic paints)
  • cups and brushes from these materials
  • slags from precious metal alloy melting

Platinum metal products

  • measurement and regulation technology components, laboratory tools, industrial equipment
  • Pt 100, 500, 1000 resistor thermometers, cups, lids, dishes, platinum furnaces
  • Pt/PtRh thermal wires, boats, outflow devices
  • spoons, shovels, gold-platinum melt spinning nozzles
  • wires
  • Fischer, Winkler, Woebling electrodes, spiral and disk electrodes
    Dental materials
  • Au Safargam (dry, wet), Palargen (pure, with remnants), separator waste
  • Ag Koldan, Angenpal (IV A, I), quicksilver
  • Pt

Jewelry waste

  • waste from casting and cutting
  • filings, rejects


  • jewel parts, coins, etc.