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A wide range of products starting with precious metal alloys used in industry, through hard silver solders, contacts for electric equipments, PtRh furnaces for the production of glass wires, laboratory tools in platinum (pots, dishes, spoons, electrodes and other products upon customer's requests) down to products in non-ferrous metals (nails and rivets made of copper, aluminium and their alloys).

The very wide range of industrial products made by our company comprises: hard silver solders, phosphorous silver solders, (Ag0,5CuP, Ag2CuP, Ag4CuP, Ag15CuP), brass silver cadmium-free solders (Ag25CuZn, Ag45CuZn, Ag60CuZn, Ag66CuZn, Ag31CuZnSn, Ag41CuZnSn, Ag54CuZnSn), brass silver solders with cadmium (Ag30CuZnCd, Ag40CuZnCd, Ag50CuZnCd), manganese silver solders (Ag27CuZnMnNi, Ag28,5CuZnMnNi, Ag49CuZnMnNi, Ag65CuMn, Ag85Mn), vacuum silver solders (Ag50Cu vac., Ag63CuIn10 vac., Ag72Cu vac, Ag pure), and silver-paladium solders (Ag54CuPd, Ag58,5CuPd).

Rivets and nails made of colour metals (aluminium, copper, brass and aluminium alloys); nails for fitters and locksmiths; nails with flat head; countersunk nails; nails for construction and coverings, button-headed, ball-headed, countersunk, lens-shaped and flat and drilled and hollow rivets and nails packed in quantities and modes upon customer's requirements; silver wires and plates and silver alloys for electric power industry and special industries.

Silver anodes.

Contacts made of silver, copper and silver alloys for electric power industry: full-diameter, plated and gilded.

Products made of platinum, paladium and platinum alloy with rhodium and gold: laboratory tools (pots, caps, dishes, boats, electrodes, etc.), both as per catalogue and customer's wishes (we can manufacture both of silver, nickel and iron); thermocouple wires and S (R) and B-type thermocouples of 2nd or 1st precision class (wire diameter from 0.35 to 1.00 mm); outlet devices, dishes, rings, sleeves for thermocouples, cooling equipment, devices designed for glass industry.

Platinum and rhodium furnaces for drawing glass wires.